Score Your CDL-A With Premier Truck Driving School

Join Premier’s Class-A CDL Program and find out why we are simply a Class-(A)bove the competition. If you’re looking to dive deep into the world of trucking and earn a great living, Premier Truck Driving School is your ticket. Specifically, it empowers you to handle any vehicle combination with a gross combination weight rating (GVWR) over 26,001 pounds. A Class-A CDL opens you up to many career opportunities that can be financially life changing! The average CDL-A holder makes over $50k a year and it just goes up from there! You can earn over $100k per year as a CDL-A with a good safety record.  

Earn a CDL in 10 Days:

Get your CDL as quickly as 10 days. Most schools take 4-5 weeks. Don’t wait several weeks without pay or even having a job! Go Premier today.

State of the Art Facilities & Equipment:

Train with top-notch equipment and spacious grounds, ensuring a comprehensive hands-on experience. The best tools and environment are waiting for you at Premier Truck Driving School!

No Contract Training:

You are a free agent! Secure your freedom with Premier Truck Driving School. Earn a CDL and unlock the power to choose from the best carriers in the industry. Be in control. Drive your destiny!


  • You can get your CDL as quickly as 10 days. Most schools take 4-5 Weeks. That’s several weeks without pay or even having a job! 
  • We have over 30 years of experience training students and helping them get their CDL. We have literally trained more than 10,000 students! 
  • We are priced competitively! We are no more than the competitors and you can even save if you pay up front. 
  • We have our own 3rd party testing so you can test in a similar location to where you train! 
  • We have great equipment to learn with and plenty of space to get the practice needed! 
  • Our instructors are consistently trained and aligned on the best practices in the industry! 
  • Our graduates have an incredible safety record!  

Steer Your Career in the Right Direction

With a Class A CDL, you’re not just getting a license; you’re opening doors to a spectrum of job opportunities

Why a Class A CDL is Worth It:

The Perks!

  • Enhanced Earnings: Jobs that demand a Class A license typically offer a heftier paycheck. 
  • A Fulfilling Career: It’s a top choice for those who envision a lasting career behind the wheel. 
  • Diverse Vehicle Operation: Your license lets you operate a broad spectrum of commercial vehicles.
  • Discover New Horizons: Travel far and wide, experiencing the diverse landscapes of our beautiful country. 
  • Road to Success: Your road to success starts with a Class A CDL. Embark on your journey today with Premier Truck Driving School!  

So, Which Vehicles Are We Talking About?

  • 18-wheelers, often known as Semi, Big Rig, or Tractor-trailers. 
  • Diverse truck and trailer combinations, perfect for various cargoes. 
  • Specialized vehicles like Tankers and Livestock carriers. 
  • Versatile flatbeds for transporting goods. 
  • Double and triple trailers – because sometimes, one just isn’t enough! 
  • Tractor-trailer buses, blending the best of both worlds. 

Program Requirements

  • Valid State Driver’s License
  • Valid Commercial Learner’s Permit
  • Current DOT Physical
  • Negative DOT Drug Screen
  • Attend School
  • Pass CDL Test