Elevate Your Driving Career with a Class B CDL! 

Discover the World of Class B Vehicles! Class B CDL opens up a world of dynamic driving opportunities. Become a bus driver for your local community or school, drive a straight truck for your neighborhood grocer or even amazon or help keep your city moving forward hauling construction equipment or driving a garbage truck.

Discover the World of Class B Vehicles!

With a CDL-B you’re empowered to take the wheel of single commercial trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds, but don’t worry about towing a behemoth behind you. The only trailers you’d tow are cozy ones under 10,000 pounds! 

Vehicles You Can Steer With Confidence

  • Trusty Straight trucks 
  • Bustling Buses – including school, tour, and city varieties. 
  • Dynamic Segmented buses 
  • Versatile Box trucks – perfect for deliveries and furniture moves. 
  • Mighty Dump trucks 
  • Luxurious Limousines 
  • Power-packed Boom and Cement trucks 
  • Essential vehicles like Garbage trucks 
  • And certain Class C vehicles, provided you’ve got the right endorsements. 

The Class B Advantage

Why You Should opt for This License. Embracing a Class B CDL isn’t just about driving—it’s about smart career choices: 

  • An Ideal Launchpad: Perfect for industry newcomers, especially if you’re under 21. 
  • Budget-Friendly: Getting a Class B is lighter on the wallet compared to a Class A CDL. 
  • Home Sweet Home: Most Class B drivers enjoy the comfort of their homes every evening. 
  • Short & Sweet: Prefer shorter journeys and manageable loads? Class B is your calling! 

When is a Class B CDL
the Perfect Fit?

  • You’re eyeing a specific job that strictly asks for a Class B license. 
  • You see trucking as a steppingstone to another career. 
  • Your goal is to operate within a particular region, be it a city or a state. 

Special Endorsements for a Specialized Career

While the Class B CDL is a solid license, some vehicles demand specific endorsements. Here are a couple you might consider:

  • Passenger Transport Endorsement (P) – Drive and delight passengers safely. 
  • School Bus/Passenger Transport Combo Endorsement (S) – Be the favorite part of a student’s day! 

Rev up your driving journey with a Class B CDL from Premier Truck Driving School! The road awaits!  

What Our Program Offers

  • A training program designed for your success. Most students complete this program in 10 days.
  • Class A and B training options
  • Flexible training schedule that meets your needs
  • Affordable tuition
  • Flexible payment options: check, money order, financing options
  • Local CDL testing with applicable fees

Program Requirements

  • Valid State Driver’s License
  • Valid Commercial Learner’s Permit
  • Current DOT Physical
  • Negative DOT Drug Screen
  • Attend School
  • Pass CDL Test

Dedication and Competency

Your dedication and competency level will determine how quickly you complete this course. Premier Truck Driving School Tuition is one of the lowest and most affordable tuition options in the area. Tuition can be paid in two ways: Pay up front via debit, credit, money order – OR – Apply for financing through our 3rd party vendor, Climb Credit.

Our Premier School operates 7 days a week, 8 AM to 4 PM. During the enrollment process, we will work with you to set a schedule that accommodates your needs. 

To get started, call 800-897-1833 between Monday – Friday, 8am –4pm CST.