Fredric’s Adventure to CDL Success with Premier

Meet Fredric Gant from Dallas, Texas. Fredric’s story isn’t just about getting his CDL; it’s about overcoming hesitation and hitting the accelerator on a dream that’s been idling for a decade. His journey to Premier Truck Driving School in Salt Lake City, Utah, turns out to be the perfect route to chase that dream down, without the long detours he was dreading.

Finally Hitting the Road

Fredric kicks off his tale with a simple intro, “Hi, I’m Fredric Gant. I’m from Dallas, Texas.” But there’s nothing simple about the journey he’s embarked on. After years of putting it off and worrying about the challenges—like mastering the air brake test—Fredric decided it was now or never. The internet led him to Premier, and just like that, a decade of waiting shifted into high gear towards achieving his CDL.

Premier: More Than Just a School

What makes Fredric’s experience at Premier stand out isn’t just the top-notch training; it’s how the fear and anxiety that once held him back started to fade away. “This process has been a smooth process for me. I’m very excited,” says Fredric, highlighting the supportive atmosphere and the effective, streamlined program at Premier that puts students on the fast track to success.

Manual Mastery: The Open-Ended Road

One of Fredric’s big takeaways? Go manual. He’s all in on testing with a manual transmission to dodge any potential restrictions on his license. It’s not just about keeping options open; it’s about embracing the full driving experience and ensuring you’re ready for whatever the road throws your way. “I encourage everyone if you come to the school to test on manual,” he advises, showcasing his determination to graduate as an unrestricted, elite driver.

A Nudge to Future Drivers

Fredric’s wrap-up is an open invitation to anyone dreaming of hitting the road professionally. “I encourage anyone that wants to be an elite driver to come to Premier.” It’s clear he’s found value, support, and success at Premier and believes others can too.

Person Hand On Steering Wheel

Fredric Gant’s story is more than just a journey to a CDL; it’s a lesson in not letting fears dictate your path. His experience at Premier Truck Driving School is a beacon for those hesitating on the sidelines, showing that with the right support and training, the road to becoming an elite driver is well within reach. Premier isn’t just teaching people how to drive; it’s helping them steer their lives towards new horizons.

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