Harnessing Expertise at Premier with Roy Bustos

Roy Bustos, a seasoned instructor at Premier Truck Driving School, shares his journey and insights into the world of truck driving, offering invaluable advice and mentorship to aspiring drivers.

Starting Strong: The Allure of the Open Road

Roy Bustos’ journey into trucking began with a simple desire—to see the country. This curiosity fueled his career, which spans over three decades with CR England. Roy’s story is a testament to the trucking industry’s promise of adventure and stability. “It’s been a great experience for me as far as driving and, you know, getting to see the country. That’s why I became a truck driver. I wanted to look around,” Roy explains. His enthusiasm for exploration and new experiences makes him a perfect ambassador for the trucking lifestyle, which he now imparts to his students at Premier Truck Driving School.

Educator at Heart: Teaching at Premier Truck Driving School

Transitioning from driver to instructor, Roy found his true calling in teaching. At Premier Truck Driving School, he doesn’t just teach driving techniques; he mentors new drivers, helping them navigate their way through the complexities of getting their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Roy’s approach is personal and heartfelt. He cherishes the moments when former students return, sharing their success stories and gratitude: “What I really like, you know, a lot is when they come back and they got the big smiles on their faces and then tell me, you know, how much they appreciate me, teaching them.” His pride in his students’ achievements underscores the rewarding nature of his work.

A Career Built on Patience and Safety

Roy emphasizes the importance of patience and safety on the road, principles that are central to his training regimen. His years of experience have equipped him with insights that are crucial for every truck driver. “The safety part of truck driving is #1 having patience and #2 you really want to keep your eyes and head always scanning and looking around for trouble no matter what,” Roy advises. His proactive approach to safety and his detailed understanding of the trucking environment make his lessons at Premier not just about driving, but about thriving in a demanding industry.

Navigating Challenges with Experience

Throughout his career, Roy has encountered and overcome numerous challenges, which enrich his teaching. He shares stories from his time on the road to prepare his students for the reality of truck driving. Roy’s personal anecdotes, from managing difficult maneuvers to handling unexpected situations like a student’s medical emergency, illustrate the critical thinking and quick reflexes needed in this profession. “I had enough time to grab the wheel and turn it away so it didn’t hit it head on,” recounts Roy, highlighting a particularly tense moment that was mitigated by his alertness and experience.

Why Choose Premier Truck Driving School?

Choosing where to obtain your CDL is a significant decision that can impact the trajectory of your trucking career. Under Roy’s tutelage at Premier Truck Driving School, students gain more than just driving skills; they receive a comprehensive education in logistics, safety, and the practical realities of trucking. Roy’s commitment to excellence and his extensive network of successful alumni are compelling reasons for new drivers to start their journey at Premier.

Conclusion: Road to Success with Roy Bustos

As you consider a career in trucking, remember that the path you choose for training can define your future in the industry. Roy Bustos offers a blend of practical experience, expert knowledge, and genuine mentorship at Premier Truck Driving School. His story is not just inspiring—it’s a blueprint for success in a dynamic and essential field. Are you ready to steer your way to success with Roy and Premier? Join us, and let your trucking adventure begin.

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